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Spring Cooking with Chef Brady

Published Aug 29, 2016

Bye Winter, Welcome Spring!

As we put away our crock pots and slow cookers that have served us well over the colder months, we welcome the coming of Spring and the wonderful treats it has in store for us.

From the field not only are we delighted by the beautiful flowers now in season and dropping in price, but we also have some great value fruits and vegetables for or tummies and pockets to get excited about.

What are we expecting this Spring?

All the yummy green veggies start coming into there own like, asparagus, broccoli, all the lettuces including rocket, kale and spinach. Mint is amazing at the moment and artichokes, peas and sweetcorn are all worth adding to your shopping basket. Being a personal favourite, I must admit I find it next to impossible to not take full advantage of the magnificent avocados.

When it comes to fruit we have all the melons, apples, oranges and mandarins as well as the berries still being available. Bananas will be coming down in price and we have the coming of the more tropical fruits such as mangoes, paw paw and papaya.

Spring is the best time of the year for lamb, sweet and succulent in all its various cuts. With beef and pork in spring I’m doing fewer roasts and casseroles, instead I’m starting to crank up the barbecue. If you have a hooded barbecue roasts may still feature but I tend to go for my favourite cuts. For tenderness and least fat, fillet is number one, but if you like a nice marbled steak then try scotch fillet, sirloin or rump.

Since I have my barbecue out I will also be putting some seafood on the grill. I prefer fish with a high oil content as it holds together better when barbecued, these are salmon, tuna, mackerel & kingfish. I also love to barbecue prawns, octopus & squid.

All in all, spring represents freshness and vitality and a time to feel excited. So go forth and try some new flavours and I hope you enjoy this seasons recipes.











by Brady Ough